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Clinical Supervision / Consultation / LPC - Licensure :

Supervision Philosophy: I see the supervision process as a collaborative partnership / group effort. Supervisor and supervisee are both working together to enhance the assessment and treatment of the client(s) seen by the supervisee. Nobody has all the answers. Two pair of eyes, ears and meeting of the minds together and the interaction (which can be a parallel process in itself) between us allow for a fruitful super (extra, greater) – vision (understanding, insight, ability) to occur.

Education/ Experience: I received my master’s degree in psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and my doctorate in clinical psychology (Psy.D) from the University of Denver in 1989 (Specialty area: Family Therapies and Systems) . I am licensed as a LPC in Oregon and have 30 hours of formal training in supervision through Lewis & Clark College. I was born to Dutch Holocaust survivors, grew up in Holland and emigrated to Israel as a teenager. I served as a psychologist in the Israeli Army for five years treating combat and stress reactions in soldiers, most notably in the Lebanon War. Upon receiving my doctorate I treated first and second-generation Holocaust survivors in Israel, and victims of terror and abuse for many years. I returned to the USA in 1994 and worked in community mental health until November 2002. At that time I started a private practice in SE Portland, treating individuals, couples and families. From 2003 to 2007 I worked as a mental health consultant and clinical supervisor for Washington County Community Corrections, providing individual and small group clinical supervision to over 40 graduate counseling psychology, clinical psychology, marriage and family therapy, and social work interns. From 2004 until 2010 taught as an Adjunct Professor at Portland State University and taught the Psychology of Trauma. I am an advanced level EMDR practitioner and have given workshops and taught on the treatment of trauma in Portland and Tel-Aviv. I meet monthly with colleagues for peer supervison on body-oriented psycho-therapy.

Supervision Tools Used: Role-plays; video-taping; process notes, narratives, family genograms, transference and counter-transference, articles, and use of self.

Theoretical Orientation: My approach to therapy is systemic with a focus on Interpersonal Neurobiology. This is a philosophy of psychotherapy which looks at an individual within the context of self, significant others, gender, body & mind, attachments, education, employment, life experiences, culture, society at large, etc. and how all these parts are interrelated and interconnected to each other.

Training: I have over 30 years experience in psychotherapy providing individual, couple, family and group therapy with diverse ethnic/ minority populations; I have expertise in treating clients with personality disorders; trauma (EMDR, EFT, Dual Brain Tx) and abuse, depression, anxiety and stress, loss and grief.

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